Why VOTE AGAINST the Half Cent Sales Tax Increase

That Funds the Wake County Recommended Transit Plan

Taking this one-sentence referendum at face value, one might think Wake County wants to buy a few new buses or requires a little more money for maintenance. But that's not the case at all. This referendum, if passed, will trigger the implementation of Wake County's Five Billion Dollar ($5,000,000,000.00) "Recommended Transit Plan." This is a whole lot more than just a sales tax. It's higher vehicle fees, new debt, state and federal money and much more.
The financial analysis is here.
Wake County's 'Recommended Transit Plan' is here.

•  Not a Legitimate Transit Plan

Wake County's "Recommended Transit Plan" is a 36 page document. But it's NOT a legitimate transit plan - it's only a Spending Plan. To be considered a Transit Plan, it must address very specific issues, such as, Current situation assessment, Needs analysis, Ridership projections, and more. See details here.

•  Old Technology

Wake County's Transit Plan proposes to buy and maintain 3 times the current number of buses, and a Commuter Train system from Garner to Durham on existing tracks with Amtrak and freight traffic. Today's technology is on the verge of driverless cars, high speed monorails and innovations beyond imagination. Yet Wake County wants to saddle residents with an expensive transit system using last century technology for the next 50 years and beyond. Related article here.

•  Outrageous Subsidies

Not a single metro transit system makes a profit anywhere in the world. Some are more efficient than others. For example, Chicago is among the best. For every dollar of revenue it collects at the farebox. Chicago taxpayers pay one dollar in subsidies. However, Wake County is among the worst. Currently every dollar of revenue costs taxpayers $5.92 in subsidies. Does it make sense to entrust a transit system with such an abysmal record with $5 Billion to provide more transit?

•  Financial Smoke & Mirrors

The proposed Commuter Train system is a joint project between Wake and Durham County. However, nowhere in Wake County's plan does it tell voters what the total cost to build this system will be - the entire cost from Garner to Durham. Durham County's transit plan, passed by referendum in 2011, claims the total construction cost will be $645 Million. Yet, the "Recommended Transit Plan" allocates $886 Million for Wake County's portion alone. Hmmm, Wake County's portion would be $241 Million more than the total cost?! Add the maintenance budget to that and Wake County's contribution to the train would be a staggering $1.58 Billion.

•  Summary

This one-line referendum has been used successfully to pass transit plans across the country. It will almost certainly pass here unless concerned citizens act. Here are 2 ways you can help:

Vote against the Sales Tax Referendum on November 8th. It is the last item on the ballot.
Tell your friends, relatives, co-workers, church members and everyone you meet to vote against the tax. Print and pass out the fliers available on this site.

Thank you for visiting The information above is publicly available. The facts have been carefully checked and reviewed by professional transit planners, however, you can do that yourself as well. Wake County's "Recommended Transit Plan" is available online here. This is a permanent tax. The money is all coming from taxpayers' pockets. It will affect every man, woman and child in Wake County forever. Do the right thing. Vote NO - last item on the ballot.


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